About Us


Who is Secure Medical?

Secure Medical, Inc. (SMI) is a medical technology company that was established in 1998. The birth of the internet gave SMI a great opportunity to improve the delivery of healthcare from Clinics and Pharmacies to effectively increase the awareness of products and services offered to their Patients. SMI has a primary objective to become a central creative group to develop, manage and support the technical process which drives remote healthcare.

SMI found the opportunity to promote Telemedicine which has proven to be an integral part of the growth and expansion of the company. Advancement in healthcare technology with patient care was destined to improve and SMI decided early on that they would support their proprietary services by partnering with key Corporations, State Government, Associations, and Affiliations.

How does Secure Medical facilitate medications online?

Secure Medical designs develop and support the back-end programming technology for Patients, US Pharmacies and Physicians by providing them with safe and secure pathways to communicate with each other. Once a Patient agrees to be treated for an illness on one of the approved Partner Web Sites, they are joining a program that will provide a remote US Licensed Physician to review and discuss their medical ailments.

If the Physician has all their questions addressed, the Patient may be issued a prescription for medication.

Once the prescription is approved, a US Licensed Pharmacy will fulfill and dispense an FDA approved medication and have it delivered to the Patients door, usually within 1 or 2 days. Contracted US Pharmacies will deliver using USPS priority mail or FedEx next day or 2nd-day services with a mandatory signature required for the safety and privacy of the shipment.

Why Trust Secure Medical for your medication needs?

Since 1998, Secure Medical has been partnering with US Licensed Physicians and Pharmacies to bring US Patients a service that was not available before the start of the internet. Becoming as publically viewed near the beginning of the Telemedicine Industry in 2004, Secure Medical joined the American Telemedicine Association and worked diligently and discreetly to build a reputable organization.

Secure Medical also joined the Better Business Bureau in 2005 and has held an A+ rating every year since. Secure Medical is associated with IDology, a 3rd party identification & validation service to ensure accuracy.

Over 630,000 consumers have used Secure Medical and have applauded their safe, secure and discreet Physician Consultation Services and FDA approved medications.

How does online consultation work?

As part of the growing trend of telemedicine, online consultations utilize the Internet to improve patient access to physician care. The patient does not receive a traditional physical exam by the physician but rather completes our secure online questionnaire for the physician to review. Then the patient must complete a HIPAA compliant video and or audio consult with the doctor.

For your safety, the clinic requires that you receive a physical exam in the past 24 months and may not approve you for prescribed medication if you have not done so. Although online consultations will never take the place of traditional medicine, they do provide a means for patients to receive treatment for a limited number of conditions that, in certain circumstances, may not require an immediate physical exam.

In developing this new Internet medium for the delivery of healthcare services, Secure Medical is committed to meeting and exceeding the Patient’s consideration for treatment.