Post Date: April 29, 2016

Technology that can supposedly monitor someone’s heart rate is nothing new. People in the health and fitness community have been using it for decades now. However, many of these heart rate monitors have been notoriously unreliable. Advances in telemedicine may now be giving people heart rate monitoring equipment that will give them much more accurate results.

The AliveCor Mobile Heart Monitoring Using Medical-grade Electrocardiogram (ECG) Kardia Band for Apple Watch may change telemedicine forever. This EKG band distinguishes itself by actually being medical grade, so it’s capable of giving people results that are reliable. The associated Apple Watch application interprets the data that the sensors in the device receive.

Using the Apple Watch application, people can send their doctors EKG readings and accompanying voice memos, so their doctors can get a sense of the functioning of their patients’ hearts throughout the day. In conjunction with other health monitoring applications, people can more or less keep track of their well-being by the minute with a device like the AliveCor Mobile Heart Monitoring Using Medical-grade Electrocardiogram (ECG) Kardia Band for Apple Watch.

This product is aimed at people who have heart conditions or people who are at risk for heart conditions. Even a few seconds can matter when it comes to heart conditions, and doctors that are receiving information about the state of someone’s heart by the second are going to be much better equipped to deal with the situation. However, given that this is technically a mainstream product, almost anyone who was actually interested in health monitoring would be able to benefit from a device like this one.

Devices like this are making it easier and easier for doctors to operate remotely. Patients don’t actually have to go in for tests that will assess their heart health if they have access to devices like this. They can give doctors a sense of their health all the time, and not just during their annual physicals or during routine tests.