If reading a story about the dangers of fake male enhancement pills necessitating penis surgery due to uncontrollable bleeding of the penis, then stop here.

However, if you are someone contemplating the use of cheap, generic pills that claim to give you an erection, you may actually want to read this story. It could possibly save you your life.

Adrian Carter suffered from erectile dysfunction and, like many men plagued by the same problem, wanted to reverse the condition without visiting a physician. One night, as Carter was on his way to spend the evening with his significant other, he purchased a bottle of Virilis Pro, an “all-natural, male enhancement” supplement that claimed to treat erectile dysfunction with herbs such as Yohimbe extract, Panax Ginseng, Epimedium and Rhodiola Rosea.

Although Carter had never heard of these ingredients, he trusted that the manufacturers of Virilis Pro has tested their product and found it safe to use.

Unfortunately, Adrian Carter’s anticipated night of sexual bliss was spent in a hospital emergency room.

After taking the product as instructed, Carter began feeling intense pain during intercourse and experienced abnormal quantities of blood gushing from his penis. The blood even spurted over the walls and sheets while his scrotum and penis swelled and became severely inflamed.

Emergency room doctors immediately removed a substantial portion of his penile skin (a procedure called “degloving”) because the separation of his urethra from the penis was dangerously swollen. If the degloving procedure had not been performed, Carter might have bled to death.

According to Carter’s attorney Melissa Moore, her client must urinate using a catheter and may possibly never experience an erection again.

Makers of Virilis Pro, Haute Health, had no immediate response to inquiries posed by the Huffington Post. In fact, Haute Health maintains that their product does not cause any side effects because of it uses “all-natural” ingredients. However, their statements and their products were never approved by the U.S. FDA.

Warning about Fake ED Products

Generic erectile dysfunction products are typically made overseas in countries where regulation of medical products is minimal and many times, completely absent.  Men should never take chances based on a company’s claim that their product is safe just because it contains “natural” ingredients. Those ingredients may not, in fact, be as safe as what you are lead to believe.  Unfortunately, Adrian Carter discovered this the hard way.