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Secure Medical Certified Seal:

Current Member: Yes
Member Since: 1998


Setting the bar for safe and secure ecommerce.

Secure Medical Certification Program and the “Secure Certified” Seal

As a payment processor, Secure Medical provides its services and secure data centers only to companies/websites that meet the strict requirements of its Certification Program. meets all requirements for this program and is therefore authorized to display the program’s “Secure Certified” seal.


Status: Approved

Certification Program Requirements to Display Seal


Website Support/Doctor/Pharmacy Are Located in the United States Yes
Valid Customer-Service Phone Number Appears on Website Yes
Website/Pharmacy Provides Only FDA-Approved Medications Yes
Physicians and Pharmacists Are Licensed in the United States Yes
Physician Issues a Prescription Based Upon Patient’s Medical Questionnaire and Medical History Yes
Physicians/Pharmacists Are Accessible to Speak During Business Hours Yes
Website Does Not Sell Prescription Pain Medications or Controlled Medications Yes
Patient Identity is Verified Electronically or Via Phone Yes
Signature Required at Delivery Yes

The Certification Program also requires clients/websites to meet compatibility standards with regard to Secure Medical’s secure data centers and processing procedures.


Safe and Secure Data Centers Yes
PCI DSS Compliance Yes
Age & Address Verification Yes

For more information about the Secure Medical Certification Program, click here.

eDrugsOnline.comMember Profile

Type of Website Online Facilitator
Location of Website United States
Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-467-0297
Customer Service Email Address
Year Established 1998

Safe and Secure Data Centers – Secure Medical utilizes the latest data encryption systems to protect customer medical records and keep customer information safe and secure. Secure Medical’s data centers include firewalls, intrusion detection systems, other industry-leading hardware, 24-hour monitoring and a dedicated staff of IT engineers that are always on-call. As the latest technology updates become available, Secure Medical continually performs system upgrades to further ensure the safety of consumer data.

PCI DSS Compliance – Secure Medical complies with PCI DSS, which stands for Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). It was developed by the major credit card companies as a guideline to help organizations that process card payments prevent credit card fraud, hacking and other security issues. Any company that processes, stores and transmits credit card numbers must be PCI DSS-compliant or they lose the ability to process credit cards. The PCI DSS reflects the combined interests of VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and JCB, the five credit card brands that agreed on this common set of security standards.

Age & Address Verification – Secure Medical uses IDology’s ExpectID® age and address verification service to identify a valid age and current address for customers. ExpectID® uses a patented process to access thousands of data sources that contain billions of public records. This returns an ID validation. This verification service was designed to validate and protect a customer’s identity while maintaining consumer privacy.