York Hospital Offers Virtual Care Service in Rural Southern Maine Community

Serving the southern counties of Maine and some parts of New Hampshire, York Hospital is consistently looking for innovative ways to improve patient care. The latest addition to the small hospital is a virtual care platform. In development since 2004, the telehealth platform gives patients an alternative option for accessing care. From the comfort of […]Read More »

Texas Passes Telemedicine Bill SB 1107 Allows Physicians to Promote Telehealth Services

When is the last time you felt bad or you hurt yourself, and just did not feel like heading to the doctor’s office or ER? Then you sit there for another one or two hours before you see the doctor. On May 12, 2017, the Texas State Legislature passed SB 1107, this piece of legislature […]Read More »

With Obamacare in Jeopardy, a New App Hopes to Increase Birth Control Availability

With US lawmakers attempting to repeal Obamacare, or the Affordable Healthcare Act, some women fear that their access to birth control may become limited. However, a new startup named Nurx (pronounced “NewRX”) is hoping to dash these fears away with their online birth control prescribing and shipping service. Essentially, Nurx is attempting to do to […]Read More »

Telehealth Virtual Visits Expand Patient Base By Reducing Costs and Improving Patient Experience

Telehealth virtual visits are a hot topic and very high priority in hospital systems such as Kaiser Permanente. Many health systems are prioritizing telehealth as a technology option that can help the hospital contain costs while expanding their patient base. Practitioners are realizing the old fee-for-service system isn’t working and continues to increase problems in […]Read More »

Telemedicine Providers Target Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Markets Baby Boomers Growing Senior Care

Baby boomers are becoming seniors and retirees. Telemedicine providers plan to take full advantage of the need of these new seniors to stay independent and unencumbered. As telehealth and mHealth technology grows, remote patient monitoring options are becoming more robust. Providers continue to develop innovations when it comes to providing care for seniors. This includes […]Read More »

Four Major Benefits of Telemedicine Users in Health Care Industry

Telemedicine is a fast growing innovation in the health care industry. It is changing the way people seek and get medical advice, diagnoses, and prescriptions. Many patients are turning to telemedicine for timely, safe and efficient online health care services. It’s other benefits include: ProductivityUnlike a doctor’s office or emergency room, with telemedicine, there is […]Read More »

Amazon Prime Might Be Offering Same day Prescription Delivery

Amazon has steadily crept towards the pharmaceutical market for a little while now. Evidence of its possible entry into the prescription delivery market can be seen in many of its smaller moves in that direction. In Seattle, Amazon launched a local delivery service of non-prescription drugs under its Prime subscription service, through a well-known drug […]Read More »

Rural Medicare Beneficiaries Growing Telemedicine for Mental Health

For years, the United States has been experiencing an acute shortage of mental health professionals. Despite this shortage, the need for more accessible and effective mental health care continues to increase especially with the rise of opioid addiction epidemic particularly in the rural areas. Throughout the country, many of those who need mental health care […]Read More »

Emory Healthcare Telemedicine Based ICU Care Saves $4.6 million in Medicare Costs over 15 Months

Following an audit of Emory Healthcare’s telemedicine platform for its intensive care unit, Emory Healthcare saved around $4.6 million in Medicare expenses while simultaneously reducing post-discharge care and readmissions. The results have followed a 15-month audit by Abt Associates of the eICU program deployed by Emory Healthcare based in Atlanta, Georgia. The program served more […]Read More »

Telehealth Platforms Increase Due to Growing Shortages of Primary Care Doctors and Medical Health Specialists

Telehealth continues to grow and flourish in the country today. The FDA is now approving remote tools to diagnose the patient and help manage conditions aimed at delivering a specific outcome. While there are a lot of advancements being made, the industry is still pretty new when you compare it to the Internet services industry. […]Read More »

Veterans Affairs Department Uses Telemedicine to Help Care for Rural Vets VA Offers 50 Telehealth Specialties

It used to be that veterans weren’t able to get the quality care they needed, but that is about to change. The Veterans Affairs Department recently started looking into ways they can improve overall care for those living in rural areas with chronic or severe conditions. In January 2017, a telehealth collaborative study surveyed roughly […]Read More »

State Lawmakers and Medicaid Agencies Look to Tekemedicine to Help Rebuild Failing Medicaid System

The future of Medicaid looms in the balance, leaving lawmakers struggling to focus on how they can improve telemedicine access. Telemedicine could help reduce the costs of healthcare by allowing all of the providers in one location the ability to treat those elsewhere in the country. Since the state Medicaid plan is now able to […]Read More »

Telemedicine Company Virta Mission to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Using Nutrition Plans and Digital Coaching

Virta Health is on a mission to reverse Type 2 Diabetes. The group was formed by leading scientists, technologists and doctors coming from Harvard, Stanford and MIT and backed by big name investors donating $37M to fund the project. Their approach to the project is using personalized nutrition, remote monitoring and one-on-one coaching aimed at […]Read More »

Telehealth Diagnoses and Treatment of Top 11 Most Common Ailments Provides Patients Simular Outcome as Face to Face Doctor Visit

We are in the digital era, and the health sector is experiencing rapid technological progress. Modern technology is influencing the ease of accessing medical services. In the case of emergencies or accidents, technology has played a major role in determining how fast and effectively medical practitioners can respond. For instance, LiveHealth Online is virtue video […]Read More »

Texas Senate OK's Senate Bill 1107 Approving Telemedicine Online Doctor Consultations

Texas became an even better place to live in March, 2017. The Texas Senate has finally approved Bill 1107. This means that the industry of telehealth will be available on a large scale throughout the state. Telemedicine has been disputed in courts and regulatory hearings for several years. The approval of bill 1107 marks the […]Read More »

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Complient Healthcare Kiosks Keep Patient Records Safe

When you go to the doctor’s office, you expect them to keep your information safe at all times. Medical professionals have a duty to protect your privacy, but that commitment to you isn’t as easy as it once was. With more and more providers converting to digital files, it isn’t always as easy to protect […]Read More »

Ohio's New Telemedicine Policies to Allow Physicians to Prescribe Both Uncontrolled and Even Controlled Substances

Earlier this month the Ohio Medical Board passed two rules that enable physicians to issue prescriptions for both controlled and uncontrolled substances to their patients via telemedicine, rather than in-person at the doctor’s office, given they adhere to an extensive list of rules. Ohio is another of several states to loosen laws regarding telemedicine to […]Read More »

Telemonitoring Bluetooth-enabled Tablets for Videoconferencing Helps Doctors Monitor Patients Vital Signs

Just when you thought technology couldn’t get any better, along comes a healthcare tablet that takes your vital signs and reports them to your doctor. A New Jersey Health Tech firm designed and developed Bluetooth-enabled devices that patients can use remotely to telecommute and teleconference with their doctors. The devices also take your pulse, blood […]Read More »

American Telemedicine Association Helps Providers Understand New Regulations and Policies.

Telemedicine is one of the fastest growing methods of healthcare in America today. Many people use telemedicine for the ease and convenience of not having to make an appointment at a physical doctor’s office. However, as with all types of medical care, there are often some drawbacks. Telemedicine is no exception. Patients are finding out […]Read More »

VR Therapy Cedars-Sinai Using Virtual Reality to Treat Patients with Chronic Pain

One of the biggest problems for people with serious medical conditions is being unable to leave the hospital, which can make their pain, their depression, and their feelings of anxiousness all the worse. As a result, doctors and other medical professionals have been using a wide range of tools and methods to combat the problem, […]Read More »

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