Telemedicine Company Virta Mission to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Using Nutrition Plans and Digital Coaching

Virta Health is on a mission to reverse Type 2 Diabetes. The group was formed by leading scientists, technologists and doctors coming from Harvard, Stanford and MIT and backed by big name investors donating $37M to fund the project. Their approach to the project is using personalized nutrition, remote monitoring and one-on-one coaching aimed at […]Read More »

Telehealth Diagnoses and Treatment of Top 11 Most Common Ailments Provides Patients Simular Outcome as Face to Face Doctor Visit

We are in the digital era, and the health sector is experiencing rapid technological progress. Modern technology is influencing the ease of accessing medical services. In the case of emergencies or accidents, technology has played a major role in determining how fast and effectively medical practitioners can respond. For instance, LiveHealth Online is virtue video […]Read More »

Texas Senate OK's Senate Bill 1107 Approving Telemedicine Online Doctor Consultations

Texas became an even better place to live in March, 2017. The Texas Senate has finally approved Bill 1107. This means that the industry of telehealth will be available on a large scale throughout the state. Telemedicine has been disputed in courts and regulatory hearings for several years. The approval of bill 1107 marks the […]Read More »

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Complient Healthcare Kiosks Keep Patient Records Safe

When you go to the doctor’s office, you expect them to keep your information safe at all times. Medical professionals have a duty to protect your privacy, but that commitment to you isn’t as easy as it once was. With more and more providers converting to digital files, it isn’t always as easy to protect […]Read More »

Ohio's New Telemedicine Policies to Allow Physicians to Prescribe Both Uncontrolled and Even Controlled Substances

Earlier this month the Ohio Medical Board passed two rules that enable physicians to issue prescriptions for both controlled and uncontrolled substances to their patients via telemedicine, rather than in-person at the doctor’s office, given they adhere to an extensive list of rules. Ohio is another of several states to loosen laws regarding telemedicine to […]Read More »

Telemonitoring Bluetooth-enabled Tablets for Videoconferencing Helps Doctors Monitor Patients Vital Signs

Just when you thought technology couldn’t get any better, along comes a healthcare tablet that takes your vital signs and reports them to your doctor. A New Jersey Health Tech firm designed and developed Bluetooth-enabled devices that patients can use remotely to telecommute and teleconference with their doctors. The devices also take your pulse, blood […]Read More »

American Telemedicine Association Helps Providers Understand New Regulations and Policies.

Telemedicine is one of the fastest growing methods of healthcare in America today. Many people use telemedicine for the ease and convenience of not having to make an appointment at a physical doctor’s office. However, as with all types of medical care, there are often some drawbacks. Telemedicine is no exception. Patients are finding out […]Read More »

VR Therapy Cedars-Sinai Using Virtual Reality to Treat Patients with Chronic Pain

One of the biggest problems for people with serious medical conditions is being unable to leave the hospital, which can make their pain, their depression, and their feelings of anxiousness all the worse. As a result, doctors and other medical professionals have been using a wide range of tools and methods to combat the problem, […]Read More »

Texas Telemedicine Regulations May Eliminate In-person Physician Requirement

Texas has been undergoing a series of revision of its telemedicine regulations. It is among the last states which have mandated that in-person relationships between the medics and the patients be enhanced before offering telehealth services. Several bills have been debated upon, all with an intention to harmonize these regulations. For a long period, it […]Read More »

Telemedicine Helping Rural Hospitals Provide 24 Hour Emergency Room Services

Telemedicine Gives Rural Hospitals 24 Hours Availability Kings county memorial hospital was forced to reduce its emergency hours from 24 hours to operating from 8 am to 10 pm last year which did not go well with the residents. The officials are now considering the use of telemedicine technology in the hospital so as to […]Read More »

Telemedicine Used to Examine, Diagnose and Treat Students at School Saves Time, Money and Trips to the ER

Improved Education System with Telemedicine Telemedicine, which is mostly used in prisons, nursing, and remote areas has become more beneficial even to school students. Sick students do not have to miss their classes like they did before whenever they got ill and had to be rushed to the doctor. The American Telemedicine Association revealed that […]Read More »

Telemedicine Remote Management for Diabetes Hypoglycemia Helps Improve Blood Glucose Levels

Telemedicine has become vital for people who have diabetes. A study has shown that those patients who cannot get a chance to visit their doctors but use telemedicine still benefit and helps to improve blood glucose levels. After a research was conducted, there was a suggestion for texts and portals to be improvised, expressly meant […]Read More »

Flumoji Flu Conditions and Symptoms Monitoring App Created by MIT and GlaxoSmithKline

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and over the counter drug manufacturing giant GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK) recently launched an app to aid their researchers to monitor flu conditions and symptoms digitally. The new app, Flumoji, runs on an Android platform and is meant to track data from different individuals using crowdsourcing applications. Consumers can then […]Read More »

New York Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan Digital Doctor Visits Using Telemedicine Platform MDLive

The Excellus health insurance is expected to unveil digital doctor visits in different parts of the country. The insurance company which covers 1.5 million in New York expects 50,000 visits to the telehealth service scheduled to be launched soon. Excellus will introduce a telemedicine program come January which will entail MDLive Medical group services. The […]Read More »

Telemedicine Participation is Expected to Increase in 2017 Due to 3 Main Factors

Telemedicine Is Expected to Continue Expanding in 2017 Improvements in telecommunications have enabled the recent rise of telemedicine, which is enabling users to access a surprising range of healthcare in a more convenient manner than otherwise possible. As a result, it shows no signs of slowing down for the foreseeable future. Here are three of […]Read More »

Duke University Studies Digital Healthcare Platform VERA for Home Based Physical Therapy

A Duke University study will analyze the benefits of telehealth services for physical therapy patients. A new study launched by Duke University will help to assess the benefits of telehealth services for physical therapy patients. The Clinical Research Institute is looking at the benefits of Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation In-home Therapy, or VERITAS. The program will […]Read More »

New Telemedicine Method Could Help Over 1 Million Americans with Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a gradual disease of the nervous system, which is noticeable by muscular rigidity, tremor, and imprecise movement. It mainly affects middle-aged as well as seniors. This disease has been on the rise in the United States of America, where about 1 million people are living with it with 60,000 other new cases […]Read More »

Telemedicine Can Cut the Wait Time You Spend Waiting for Your Doctor

Wasted time is a horrible thought for anyone. You never want to feel like your time has been wasted in any instance and that includes when you are getting medical care. On average Americans spend 19 minutes and 16 seconds to wait to see their doctor. Over the course of years this is extremely tiring […]Read More »

New Trend Shows Many Prefer Telemedicine Over In Person Doctors Visit

In the past few years, its been determined that patients are preferring telemedicine over the in-person doctors visits. As video conferencing continues to advance, its now easier to integrate with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. All that’s required is a reliable connection and HIPAA compliance to deliver the same healthcare as an in-office visit. […]Read More »

ObamaCare Policies Provide Less Coverage While Out-of-Pocket Health Costs Keep Rising

The Affordable Care Act is a significant milestone in the US healthcare reforms process. Although the law was meant to enhance healthcare access particularly among the low-income earners and the middle class, its implementation has been facing myriad obstacles, and the idea of cheap insurance companies covering all medicals costs is becoming more elusive. According […]Read More »

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