New Set of Telemedicine Rules for District of Columbia (DC) Close to Passing

The second round of revisions to the Telemedicine rules released in 2016 (revision one was in July of 2017) occurred today in the District of Columbia. The rules from the District of Columbia Department of Health were revised after telehealth industry advocates submitted comments and amendments to the initial rules. These changes were based in […]Read More »

Benefits of Telemedicine Include: Remote Diagnosis, Remote Monitoring and Remote Health Education

Telemedicine encapsulates the use of the different types of online communications by medical institutions and physicians. By employing technology, telemedicine makes it possible for healthcare providers to remotely care for patients either due to distance, convenience, or home location. It equips caregivers with the ability to transfer and collect essential medical data including photos, videos, […]Read More »

Amazon Enters into Medical Health Care Records and Telemedicine Virtual Doctors Visits with Skunk Work Lab 1492

Amazon has a secret health tech lab called 1492 which explores various areas such as telemedicine, medical record data and health apps for devices like Amazon Echo. The secret skunkworks is dedicated to opportunities in new areas in electronic medical reads and has a headquarter in Seattle. The project focuses on both software and hardware. […]Read More »

Pennsylvania State Senate Legislature In-person Care Services Telemedicine Reimbursement Bill

The in-person care services telemedicine reimbursement bill aims to make telemedicine reimbursement equal to in-person care services. Senator Elder Vogel brought the bill to the Pennsylvania Senate on June 28, 2017 to define major components of telemedicine and to set telemedicine licensing requirements. Pennsylvania is bound to be the next state to allow complete telemedicine […]Read More »

Telemedicine Helps Doctors Give Needed Care to Patients displaced by Hurricane Harvey Flooding in Houston

When Hurricane Harvey caused flooding throughout Houston, it displaced hundreds of thousands of citizens. It is estimated that more than 27,000 homes were destroyed by the savage water, resulting in an extreme number of now-homeless people who lost access to vital prescriptions and medical treatments they need to stay healthy. The field of telemedicine provided […]Read More »

Patients Suffering from Multiple Chronic Mental Health Care Issues Can Be Treated Through Telemedicine

Telemedicine has the potential to transform the delivery of mental health care by allowing healthcare providers to connect with patients better and increase their flow. According to a report by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), an estimated 43.8 million adults in the US (1 in 5 people), experience mental health illness every year. […]Read More »

Tele-Stroke Network Provides 24/7 Acute Stroke Neurology Monitoring Care

The phenomenon of telemedicine has taken the American and international health care systems by storm. Research shows the manifold benefits of this kind of medical advancement, which delivers online diagnosis and treatment of patients via video conferencing and other specialized technologies. From efficiency, to convenience and cost-savings, telemedicine has all the hallmarks of a win-win […]Read More »

Telemedicine on Vacation Better than Urgent Care or a Hospital Emergency Room for Minor Medical Conditions

Telemedicine on Vacation Better than Urgent Care or a Hospital Emergency Room for Minor Medical Conditions The perfect situation for receiving medical care is when you see your doctor in person. However, if your family is away on vacation and one of you falls ill, a telemedicine visit can salvage the vacation for the rest […]Read More »

Thomas Lee, MD, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Uses Telemedicine to Treat Child Blindness Armenia EyeCare Project

Thomas Lee, MD, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Uses Telemedicine To Treat Child Blindness Armenia EyeCare Project Many healthcare systems and hospitals have decided to leverage telemedicine to connect patients living in underserved locations with health care providers. A particular group of pediatric ophthalmologists, subspecialists at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles are using technology to provide specialist […]Read More »

Telemedicine Program at UC San Diego Health Pilot Tele-Primary Care and Tele-ICU Services

A diabetic patient will have a hard time trying to reach the city for a medical appointment. On the other hand, a doctor in Mexico requires a specialist in U.S for opinions. These are the just some of the many examples where telehealth can be of help in improving healthcare. Two health organizations using telehealth […]Read More »

60% of Patients Have Unpaid Hospital Bills Due to Affordable Care Act Higher Deductibles

According to a new study by TransUnion, two-thirds of hospital patients are not paying their hospital bills in full. TransUnion also suggests that, by 2020, this number may rise to 95 percent. This seems to be mostly due to the increase in deductibles that came with the Affordable Care Act. However, it must be noted […]Read More »

Rural Patients Using Clinical Pharmacist and Telemedicine to Treat Diabetes Show improvement

Telemedicine involves remotely treating and diagnosing patients. A study in the North Carolina Medical Journal has proven that patients who suffer from type 1 and type 2 diabetes benefited from a telemedicine program. Working with over 10 care facilities in North Carolina, between the years of 2013-2016, the program featured a diverse group of physicians, […]Read More »

For a Chronic Headache, Telemedicine is as Safe as Personal Clinic Visits

Research has proven that there is no difference between the safety and efficiency of the telemedicine treatment and the official clinic visits for a chronic headache. A headache is one of the most common neurologic disorder, yet most people do not receive adequate treatment. The good thing is that a new technology is now available […]Read More »

Mandating the Doctor-Patients Relationship Creation before Switching to Telemedicine Platform in Texas

There has been a bill amendment that limits the time needed to create the doctor-patient relationship under the telemedicine technology. The bill states that the doctor and the patient should have a face to face meeting first before moving to the telemedicine platform. This change was impelled by a group of physicians who do not […]Read More »

Telemedicine Incorporates Remote Monitoring into Hospitals

The capabilities of hospital-based telemedicine and remote patient monitoring have significantly revolutionized the healthcare industry in recent years. Hospitals are rapidly increasing their remote patient programs citing decreased expenses, routine patient visits and hospital admissions. According to a report by Berg Insight, there are about 7 million patients under some form of remote monitoring, a […]Read More »

Florida Governor Rick Scott Could Sign Bill Banning the Use of Telemedicine to Prescribe Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Bill Gets Support from Florida Governor Rick Scott In the U.S, Telemedicine and Medical marijuana have long been used to treat certain health conditions. However, for the last five years, the two non-traditional approaches have gained considerable traction in the healthcare arena. In fact, some states have chosen to prevent the use of […]Read More »

Telemedicine Chronic Kidney Disease Improvement Research and Treatment Act 2017

Passing the Telemedicine Chronic Kidney Disease Improvement Research and Treatment Act 2017 About 15% of the adult population is suffering from chronic kidney disease. Some of them suffer from kidney failure, and some are on dialysis. Many of them, however, have already gone through a kidney transplant and they have to go through regular checkups. […]Read More »

Texas Governor Greg Abbott to Sign New Telemedicine Law as Texas Medical Board Keeps Oversight Control of Telemedicine

Texas Law Marks a Turning point in Health Care Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill that is meant to change the face of telemedicine in the state. With the bill, doctors can now utilize telemedicine services with patients they have not met. This eliminates the previous requirement that the doctor-patient relationship had to be […]Read More »

Department of Vermont Health Access Extends Telemedicine Reimbursement for Medicaid and Health Insurance Plans.

New legislation spells good news for patient care in Vermont. State Senate Bill S.50 expands insurance coverage for telemedicine services. This is especially helpful to patients who live in areas where specialists are rare or in short supply. Currently, only telemedicine sessions that take place between two healthcare facilities are eligible for coverage. This act […]Read More »

York Hospital Offers Virtual Care Service in Rural Southern Maine Community

Serving the southern counties of Maine and some parts of New Hampshire, York Hospital is consistently looking for innovative ways to improve patient care. The latest addition to the small hospital is a virtual care platform. In development since 2004, the telehealth platform gives patients an alternative option for accessing care. From the comfort of […]Read More »

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