So, what is the average penis size? It is a question men have asked for centuries. We will explore the topic of penis sizes and some of the myths surrounding it. Keep reading to learn about the average penis size and how to get a bigger penis.

Penis Size

The real question should be, does your partner care about penis size? Most women will say no, and it is often the men who care about penis size.

Only about twenty percent of women care about the length of a penis and find a particular size necessary for sexual gratification. Many studies have been done on the subject, but the results are often contradictory and hard to interpret.

The average penis size for an adult male is about 2.5 to 4 inches long when flaccid and 4.5 to 6.4 inches when wholly aroused. However, some men have penises that are much smaller or larger than the average.

Factors that affect penis size include age, ethnicity, and hormones. For example, testosterone levels tend to be higher in younger men, which can result in a larger penis.

Moreover, some studies have found that some ethnic groups tend to have penises that are bigger or smaller than others.

Ultimately, there is no correct answer pertaining penis size, and it largely depends on personal preference.

Increasing Penis Size

Be careful when looking for penis enlargement solutions because most vitamins and nutraceuticals make no difference. No pill will instantly give you a larger penis.

Prescription ED pills may cause a size difference due to increased blood flow.

A penis pump is a device that can help with penis enlargement. However, it may result in injury or damage if misused.

OurDoctor sells a medical-grade male enhancement pump, and men rave about the results of the pump.

You can achieve permanent penis enlargement by using the pump daily.

OurDoctor – Male Enhancement and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects millions of men around the world. It’s a common condition that can be caused by a variety of factors, including aging, health conditions, and lifestyle habits. While ED can be a sensitive and personal matter, it’s important to seek treatment in order to improve your sexual health and quality of life.

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

A man with ED has difficulties getting or maintaining an erection during sexual activity. It can be caused by a number of things, including:

  • Aging: As men grow older, it’s common for blood flow to the penis to decrease, which can make it more difficult to achieve and maintain an erection.
  • Health conditions: Certain health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, can increase the risk of ED.
  • Lifestyle habits: Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and lack of exercise can all contribute to ED.

The Benefits of Seeking Treatment

While ED can be a sensitive and personal matter, seeking treatment can have a number of benefits. In addition to improving your sexual health and quality of life, treating ED can also help with:

  • Improved self-confidence
  • Better communication with your partner
  • Reduced anxiety and stress

How a Doctor Can Help

At OurDoctor, we understand that seeking treatment for ED can be a challenge for many men due to the stigma associated with discussing sexual health problems. That’s why we offer a speedy connecting service that connects you with licensed doctors who can provide consultations over the phone or video chat. This means that you can get treatment as quickly as the next day without ever having to leave your home.

Our treatment plan includes generic cialis, which has been clinically proven to help men last longer. In addition to medication, our treatment kit also includes a male enhancement pump, which can help increase blood flow to the penis and improve sexual performance.

The Benefits of Generic Cialis

Clinical trials have shown that generic cialis is an effective treatment for ED, with a success rate of up to 80%. This medication works by inhibiting the production of an enzyme called PDE-5, which can interfere with blood flow to the penis. By increasing blood flow, generic cialis can help men achieve and maintain an erection during sexual activity.

One of Secure Medical’s flagship companies id eDrugstore, we have been prescribing ED medications online since 1999. If you are looking for Generic Cialis 2.5mg, Generic Cialis 5mg, Generic Cialis 20mg.

In addition to treating ED, generic cialis has been shown to have other health benefits as well. For example, it can help lower blood pressure and reduce symptoms of an enlarged prostate.


If you’re experiencing ED, it’s important to seek treatment in order to improve your sexual health and quality of life. At OurDoctor, we make it easy and convenient to access the care you need to treat ED. Our treatment plan includes generic cialis, a clinically-proven medication that can help you achieve and maintain an erection during sexual activity. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment options and get started on the path to better sexual health.

Ourdoctor How to use a pump to get bigger

The male enlargement and enhancement vacuum pump is a medical-grade, digital, and waterproof pump that you can use to achieve a fuller erection, reduce premature ejaculation and increase penis size. Male enlargement and enhancement vacuum pumps are also recommended for men born with a micro penis or a tiny penis and those with erectile dysfunction. Regular daily sessions and using medication in conjunction with the pump also help achieve longer-lasting results.

A male enhancement pump is a medical-grade, digital, and waterproof device used to achieve a fuller erection, reduce premature ejaculation and increase penis size. Male enlargement and enhancement can be a sensitive topic, but there are potential benefits to using the male enhancement pump. Here is how to use a pump to get bigger.

Use the Pump Step-By-Step

The good news is that the device is easy to use, and you don’t need a medical prescription. First, you need to insert the penis shaft into the pump tube. The first thing you will feel is a suction created by the pump, which draws more blood into the penis vessels to cause temporary but significant and complex erections. Once you are comfortable, power it up and choose your desired setting.

Once you achieve your desired suction level, hold the pump in place for several minutes. Press the release valve on the pump when ready to release the suction, allowing air to enter and deflate the device. And that is all!

Additional Tips for the Best Results

While the male enhancement pump provides temporary enhancement, daily sessions can lead to permanent results, such as increased penis size. The pump is also recommended for men born with a micro penis or a tiny penis. Last, men who have erectile dysfunction can also benefit from daily sessions.

As much as the device is easy to use and can be operated without a doctor’s prescription, It’s essential to seek medical advice from licensed healthcare providers before using a pump to get bigger. Another side note is to choose the right size pump for your body.

OurDoctor – How Do I know I Have ED?

If you have a problem achieving and maintaining an erection during sexual stimulation, you have erectile dysfunction. To diagnose erectile dysfunction, you can check the underlying conditions such as blood tests, urine tests, ultrasounds, and physical or psychological exams. Men with healthy lifestyles like food and exercise have no problem with erectile dysfunction. But men who exercise less and eat unhealthy food have the risk of erectile dysfunction. Study shows that erectile dysfunction increases with age.

Study shows that erectile dysfunction can increase with age. As you get older, you may have trouble achieving desirable sexual results. However, erectile dysfunction can affect even younger men depending on their lifestyle and health.

It can be embarrassing not to achieve an erection during the sexual climax. Once your overall performance is affected, you get relationship issues. But worry less; OurDoctor is here to guide you on how to diagnose and treat erectile dysfunction.

So, How Do You Conclude You Have Erectile Dysfunction

The easiest way to know you have erectile dysfunction is a problem achieving and sustaining an erection during sexual stimulation. Sometimes, you may gain an erection but not strong enough for intercourse. Or if you reach an erection, you lose it within seconds, making it difficult for sexual activity.

How to Diagnose Yourself With Erectile Dysfunction

You may check for underlying conditions like blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound, and physical and psychological exams. Here is how each test is performed:

  • Urine tests – urinalysis helps in identifying whether you have signs of diabetes and other underlying conditions. You can use a test kit at home.
  • Blood tests are also tested for signs of heart disease, diabetes, low testosterone, and other health conditions.
  • Ultrasound – it’s done by specialists at the clinic. Usually, a wandlike device is held over the veins that supply blood to the penis. Ultimately, it creates a video of how blood flows inside the penis.
  • Physical exam – careful examination of the penis, testicles, and nerves for sensation.
  • Psychological exam – we ask questions and screen for depression and other psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.